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【えみたす】I need some paint! 🎨

今日は絵の具をたくさん使いました。選んだ色の絵の具を先生がビニール袋に入れて、それを引き伸ばして色が混ざり合う様子を見て楽しみました😀。そのあと水を加えて色水を作りました。色水の入った袋を振ったり、叩いたりし遊びました😃。We used different colors of paint in our activity today! After we chose the colors that we like, our teacher poured them in a clear plastic bag and sealed the bag. Then, we enjoyed tapping and shaking it as we saw the different colors of paint being mixed together in the plastic bag. The colors that were made looked so pretty! Lastly, we added a little water in our mixture and we enjoyed tapping, squishing and shaking it again!

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