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【えみたす】It was a happy rainy day!

今日は雨だったのでお部屋で遊びました。音楽を聴きながら、先生が紫色の薄い布を上げたり下げたりして波を作ってくれました。それを捕まえようと手を伸ばしたりしましたよ。布はすべすべしていて心地良かったね。今日も楽しく過ごしました😄。Although it was rainy and we did not have a chance to go out, we still had fun doing our indoor activity today. We enjoyed listening to the music and staying under the purple cloth that was swung up and down by our teachers. We were so excited when it came down and touched our heads. We love its smooth texture! We had a great time!

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