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【えみたす】It was an interesting day!

朝の牛乳の時間を終えたら、先生が用意してくれていた大きなそら豆にみんなびっくり! 先生たちと一緒にそら豆の皮むきをしましたよ。皮の内側の触り心地がとっても気持ちよかったね。😊

サークルタイムでは先生が読んでくれた絵本から、動物の鳴き声が聞こえてきて、これまたびっくり。😳 カゴにボールを入れるのを頑張りました!

After our snack time in the morning, we were surprised to see the big beans. With our teachers‘ help, we peeled them. It was good to feel their smooth texture. During our circle time, we had fun listening to the animals’ sound from the book that our teacher read. We also played with balls. We had fun shooting them in a basket! We did a great job!

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