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【えみたす】Playtime! 😍



We played outdoors today! We were thankful for the good weather. We enjoyed the sunshine, the hula hoops and the slide. It was really fun!

During our circle time, we learned about playground equipment - slide, seesaw, swing, and jungle gym. We can’t wait to use all of them when we have a chance to go to the playground!

今日は不審者訓練も行いました。先生のお話をみんな落ち着いて聞いていますね。And we also did the emergency drill for a suspicious man today. Everyone could listen to our teacher’s story carefully.


After lunch, our friend always brushes his teeth. ”Open your mouth, please.”

車に乗っているよ。レッツゴー! “I’m riding in a box but I feel like I’m riding a car! Let’s go”!

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