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【MORE】Adventure under the sun


koalaクラス、Lionクラスも暑い一日でしたが、お茶を飲んだり、お昼寝をしたり、充実した一日でした! 今日もいっぱいダンスしましたね😁


There is no doubt about it, the weather is getting warmer and better ! Today the Rabbit class went on a short exploration walk, discovering the surroundings of the nursery. On top of the flowers, some birds and many cars, they saw a real swallow's nest but best of all was to stop by えみたす to play with friends and toys ! They even got to show off their hand made carp streamer, they were really proud of themselves !

The Koalas and Lions also had an eventful and hot day, well deserving of an tea break and an extended nap time !

Let's have some fun tomorrow and then let's enjoy the Golden Week break !


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