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今日のモーニングサークルでは、朝食がテーマのレッスンの続きでした。朝はいろいろなものを皆それぞれ食べているようですね。甘いパンやシリアル、ヨーグルト、前の日の残り物、卵やソーセージも食べた子がいたとか?? 今日はトマ先生がコーヒーを持ってきて見せてくれました。僕たちには苦くてまずいので、ミルクを飲んだ方がいいようですね🤗


Today we continued our lesson on breakfast. Did you know people have all sort of things in the morning ? Some have sweet bread, or cereal, some yogurt, leftovers from the day before or even eggs and sausages !Our teacher even brought coffee to show us. It's dark but also it smells really bitter and bad, we agreed it was better to have milk >_< !

We also continued our secret project of flying fish, but we can't tell you about it quite yet !


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