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【MORE】Do you know broad beans ?

今日も発見の一日でした!「そらまめくんのベッド」の絵本を読んだ後、先生が実物のそらまめとエンドウ豆を持ってきて見せてくれました。そら豆は本当に大きくて、皮の内側も柔らかかったね。触り心地がふわふわで気持ちいい! なるほど・・だからソラマメくんのベッドになるんだね。また、有名なコメディアンのMR.Beanとは違った、背の高い緑色の「まめおじさん」がやってきたよ😋 ちょっとびっくりでした。


お母さんみんなに・・・ 母の日ありがとう!💕

Today was another day of discovery ! After reading the book of "Soramame-kun" our teacher showed real actual "soramame" or broad beans as we say in english. They are really big, and the inside is really soft ! No wonder this makes a good bed for Soramame-kun in the story ! We also had a bit of a surprise as we got the visit "Mame-man" but a very different kind of Mister Bean that you could see on TV !

Let's have a lot of rest during the weekend, and let's celebrate our Moms wherever they are.

From all of us here to every and all mothers out there: Happy Mother's Day





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