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【MORE】Don't let the rain wet you !


雨が降ってこないうちにできるだけ外で遊びました。お城を作ったり、ダンゴムシを捕まえたり、4つ葉のクローバーを見つけたり(5つ葉のクローバーも!)、たくさん鬼ごっこもしました。Rabbitクラスは、お人形で遊んでいっぱい手指を動かしました。 結局雨は降ってきたけれど、降るまでにいっぱい身体も動かすことが出来ましたよ。😊


As we said in the morning circle, this morning was cloudy. So we decided to have as much fun as possible outside before the weather got all rainy and boring. We built castles, caught pill bugs, found 4 leafed clovers (and even a 5 leafed one !!) running and dashing all the while. The Rabbit class had their hands busy as well, since they were playing with all the dolls being one big family ! The rain is pouring now but we don't mind, we had our fun !

Let's finish the week tomorrow with one more fun filled day, see you tomorrow !





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