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【MORE】Last day before Golden Week


音楽に合わせて歌って、踊ったり、先生の演奏するピアノに合わせて立ったり座ったり、音楽遊びのほかには、トマ先生と美味しそうなピザを焼きましたよ。🤗(食べられないのが残念) お部屋でたくさん身体を動かしたり製作をした後は、お外で宝探しをしたり、しっぽとりをしました。


As we are all going to get some well deserved holidays tomorrow, we thought it'd be nice to have an extra dose of fun together today. Afterall, we won't see each other for a few days !

We sang, but we also listened, we danced but we also sat down, we ate but we also baked our own delicious looking pizzas (too bad we can't eat them !) and we looked for tiny little outside treasures but we also chased each other.

No matter how you look at it, today was a super good day ! Let's now make lots of fun memories during the break and share all our cool stories when we get back together next week !

The wheel on bus go round and round🎵




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