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【MORE】Overnight stay





お腹がいっぱいになった後は音遊びをしました。🎵 ガラスコップや普段触れない楽器を叩いて音の違いを楽しみました。それからトーンチャイムを使って音のリレーや演奏もしましたよ。Thomas先生と一緒にカードゲームを楽しんだ後は、影絵クイズや影絵遊びもしましたよ。


Today was the first day of overnight stay. After saying goodbye to mom and dad at the shopping center, we all went shopping with our teachers.  We bought paper clay, stickers, our favorite snacks, and juice. On the way back to our nursery, we also went to a pet store and looked at some living creatures. Once we got , we started making our craft using the materials we had bought. We all made beautiful photo frame on our own. Each of the children's creations was full of their artistic sense. After a delicious curry dinner, we ate snacks we had bought together. After we were full, we enjoyed music activity. We tapped on glass cups and other instruments that we don't usually see and enjoyed the different sounds they made. We also relayed and played sounds using tone chimes. After playing card games with Thomas Sensei, we had a shadow picture quiz and shadow picture play. To the parents of Lion class, without your support, we could not have successfully completed the overnight stay program. We all would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you very much.




詳しくはお問い合わせくださいませ。えみたすMORE TEL 089-909-3367


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