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【MORE】Parents Observation day!


そのあとは先生からの防災にまつわるクイズや、新聞紙製作をしました。なかなかクイズの内容が難しかったようですね。 お父さん、お母さんにとってもいい勉強になったかな?



Today was parents observation day. Everyone enjoyed English circle time with their mothers and fathers. They danced and sang together and showed how they are doing their best on a daily basis.

After that, they took a quiz on disaster prevention from their teachers and made newspaper. It seemed that the quiz was quite difficult. Was it a good learning experience for the fathers and mothers?

Thank you to all  parents for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend today's event.

The school year is coming to an end, and all the staff will do their best to make the remaining days enjoyable and fruitful for the children. Thank you again.



詳しくはお問い合わせくださいませ。えみたすMORE   TEL 089-909-3367

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