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【MORE】Wednesday might be the best day !


「パズルをください。-はい、どうぞ! -ありがとうございます。」



明日も楽しい一日にしようね! 😁

Another fun filled day at the nursery today ! During morning circle we learned how to ask to play with toys, we are really good at it ! Let's make sure we use this phrase a lot !

"Can I have the Puzzle please ?

-Yes, here you are !

-Thank you "

After that came the time to practice our writing skills. Alphabet, numbers, long words or robot friend, there is nothing we can't do !

Finally after using our head so much, we had to spend some of the extra energy during the gum class. Hopping, jumping or running we can do it all !

Let's have a perfect day again tomorrow !





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